Teething question!

I feel like it's too early, but my son is just about two months old and he has been showing signs of teething. What are some things that your baby did that really set off the warning of teething?​

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    I was just about to suggest Hylands teething tablets they were amazing when my son started teething I felt so bad for him. Some other things that worked was using the teething cookies (super messy as the baby drool begins to accumulate lol) and the frozen wash cloth for them to mouth on. I did not care for the teething rings I got a ton of the little plastic ones, and he would nibble holes in them like a little mouse I was always afraid he would choke on it.
      Amanda Hurley
      Drooling non stop, cranky for no reason, and normally healthy kids suddenly getting sick. Also mouthing and gumming EVERYTHING they could get ahold of. Just warning you, watch where the chompers come in. They won't be there one day, and then the next, OUCH. You got bit. Lol.
      Amanda Hurley
      My lactation counselor told me that when the baby bites, push him against your boob, not to suffocate him, but enough to get him to let go, and end the meal. I did this with my first, and only had to do it once. Yes, the baby may still be a little hungry, but not enough to "starve" him. It worked like a charm.
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