My son has a rash... it doesn't seem to be bugging him. He's still eating and acting 100% normal. Its mostly on his chest, and shoulders and there is a little on his face/head, and back... Its small bumps some are red and some are not... There is nothing new in his diet, laundry, bath soaps, lotions, ect... Is there a point when I should bring him to the Dr? Or is it just something babies get? Should I worry or not?

    Like Linda said it is /was most likely a heat rash... I didn't relize how hot he was when he sleeps... Ug Bad mommma I put him in cool jammies but then I put him in a sleep sack with a blanket over him... UG poor kid.. The only new food is sweet potatoes... so we have stopped all foods and went back to just cereal and carrots for lunch... (DR said it was ok to give him food and he does really really well with it.)

    The rash is still there but its not bothering him and he is 100% normal... I was going to re wash all his clothes... maybe I am using to much laundry soap... I am also going to get some kind of pure and simple laundery soap that doens't have all the added smells and everything in it and see if that helps... I use dreft but its expensive and maybe that's whats bothering his skin...

    IDK... Still I will keep you posted...
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