baby breathable pillows?

Does anyone know if they even exist? Jacob has been sleeping in bed with me since I have brought him home. He lays right next to me and on the side of the bed is his bed but I have a body pillow so he cant get stuck or fall through. But I am trying to transition him into his bed. He does alright in his bed but only will go to sleep in it if I put him in while he is asleep. I think its because he goes from my soft comfy bed to his hard bed. So i was wondering if they make pillow for babies that you can have them sleep on that are safe. Or some way to make his bed more comfortable for him. Im right by his bed only a reach away so I don't mind sleeping with my arm on him till he gets use to sleeping on his own.

    Not sure what you mean.. you want his bed more comfortable or you want help transitioning him to his bed or both?

    I would get some cozy blankets and put on top of his mattress and then the sheet over it.. make it squishy and nice.. but my kids.. even though their beds are uber cozy and soft STILL prefer my bed.. and say it's cozier.. but that's a mama cozy.
      Sorry, I've never heard of this either. I know you're not supposed to put anything extra in a baby's crib until they're able to roll over both ways easily. Even then they recommend as little extra stuff as possible. We didn't even put a blanket on Avery until she was 8 months old. If they roll on their stomach and the mattress is too soft their nose could get buried and cause SIDS...
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