BEFORE you had kids, were you told that it was going to be hard? DID you believe them? :)

Of course you can never really know what a mom means until you're a mom yourself.. You can imagine... you can think..

The thing I was most unprepared for was the emotional part... how worried and concerned I was.. How difficult it was to just even let my husband take the baby for a couple of hours.. that to me was the hardest part... And still is actually.. But I think that that part doesn't ever go away.. some ways it's worse... lol...

SO ladies? Was it harder than you thought? What part was the most difficult?​

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    Amanda Hurley
    It was a lot harder than I imagined. I also did not know that I would blink and they would grow up right before my very eyes. That is the hardest part, is watching them mold and shape into young women and men.
      So true. It was definitely harder than I thought. But, fun too! And scary! But, wonderful! :)
        8Theresa Gould
        Definitely harder than I thought.
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