Could low progestrone be the cause of your miscarriage?

Did you know that doctors have been prescribing progesterone suppliments to women who suffer chronic miscarriages since the 1930's? Yeah, I didn't know either until I started pushing my doctor to investigate my losses more. In the 80+ years that doctors have been doing this there haven't been any significant side affects reported for progesterone use in early pregnancy. Why aren't doctors more open about giving this to women who have suffered a loss?

I get not wanting to unnecessarily give a pregnant women drugs. But if it's been proven safe, why make us suffer 2 or 3 tragedies before giving us the supplement? Isn't one loss enough?

Progesterone during pregnancy is made by the placenta during pregnancy, but before the placenta is big enough the mother's ovaries are responsible for creating it. It isn't until about 10-12weeks that the placenta takes over. progesterone helps maintain a supportive environment for the developing fetus, if there isn't enough it could cause a baby to develop slower then normal (not enough nutrients) or be lossed all together. Often times the mother shows no signs of having low progesterone other then recurring miscarriages. You can't necessarily know you have an issue by tracking your periods or other blood tests beforehand.

I didn't have any symptoms of low progesterone before my pregnancies and I still don't now. My first miscarriage was at 8 weeks, but the baby didn't develop past 5weeks. When I got pregnant a second time we went in at 7 weeks for an ultrasound and the baby only looked like it was about 6weeks along, but we saw a healthy heartbeat. I miscarried 24hours later. The slow development was a big clue that led my doctor to prescribe progesterone suppositories.

If we gave all women who had suffered a miscarriage progesterone during the first trimester of their next pregnancy, how many babies could be saved? How many mothers wouldn't have to feel that pain a second or third time before getting help?

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    I had no idea. We are finished having babies, but I will certainly pass this information on to my friends that are still trying.
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        I agree.

        There is synthetic progesterone and then there's natural progesterone. I opted to take a natural version of progesterone after my second or third miscarriage. My doctors didn't even offer it to me. It was recommended to me by a friend whose husband worked at a chiropractor.
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