And now she makes a liar of me...

I post about how Hayden won't stay with the mother's helper, and now she's been downstairs with her for 30 minutes!! YAY!!!! Although now I'm scared to go down and start dinner because I don't want Hayden to see me!!!

What have your kids done lately to make a liar of you?? Mine are constantly doing things like this, but this is one time I'm super glad to have been proved wrong!

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    8Theresa Gould
    I can't think of anything in particular but glad Hayden is enjoying your mother's helper!
      Ok, I have a super embarrassing one but it was pretty funny to us. Keep in mind, I don't allow belching or other bodily noises in public.

      So I took Mini to her orthodontist appointment today and was joking around with her because she picked pink and white bands this time around. She always says she won't wear pink, she's not girly like me (so not true, lol) and it's sort of an inside joke. So over lunch at Denny's we bantered back and forth about which one of us is more girly, feminine etc.

      On the way home I was really full and I needed to burp because I felt miserable. What I thought was going to be a not so loud belch was... well much louder than I anticipated. My car windows were down and I guy who was walking down the street turned around and looked at my car like I scared him.

      Cue laughter and tears from laughter. And lots of joking on me about how I am definitely not the feminine one out of the two of us.

      SO embarrassing, lol.
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