Advice on getting pregnant.

​After a year of trying to get pregnant, I am hoping to get advice and or suggestions on methods, tips or anything we might have not tried. I'm not quiet ready for the hospital testing route but I am considering acupuncture. Any thought would help!

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    Thanks!!! The needles has been my hesitation but I feel that is better than hormone shots.
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      I have been doing the Basal body temp and an ovulation chart. I always lay with my feet elevated after sex for about 30 minutes. Nothing with the cervical mucus! I am interested in herbal assistance but not sure what’s a myth or what will really help. I also have not 100% cut out coffee or wine, my 2 weaknesses.
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      My husband of 8 years and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. We had 2 cats, we are thinking about getting a dog and recently bought our first home. Now it's time to step up our efforts!