How to wean a breastfeeding toddler

There are lots of ways people have been able to wean a toddler. I have tried all of them, and at the time, my toddler just didn't care. She nursed through everything, including my milk drying up (I was pregnant). Eventually, she just decided she was done and stopped cold turkey! Some methods I tried are:
Cutting one feeding each week until you aren't nursing anymore at all
Distraction/redirection - toys, snacks, whatever
Flat out refusal - Just say no!!
Replacing nursing sessions with a sippy of pumped breastmilk, then slowly transitioning that to other fluids/weaning from the bottle/sippy once nursing has stopped.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I slowly weaned my first two by replacing my milk with whole milk just before they were a year old.....I know that isn't what is recommended but my mom started all of us on whole milk by a year if not sooner and we are all fine! The rest were basically allowed to self-wean.
    8Theresa Gould
    Oh I should say the milk was in addition to baby food and other meals.
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