What kind of purse do you carry?

Do you use a large one, small one or anything at all?

I've been carrying around a stupidly large purse for far too long. Today I bought a wristlet that will be big enough to fit my cell phone and various cards I may need. That's about all it will fit. I am so excited to downsize!

    8Theresa Gould
    I've been using a little purse, bigger than a wrislet. It was freeing to use a smaller purse. I love large purses but had to use them for soooo long when I had so many little ones it was just refreshing to only carry a small purse when didn't need a diaper bag anymore.
      Diaper bag here...if I carry a purse it is normally big. But I like to have all my things I may need with me :-)
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