"Hey, grab me a beer while you are in there!"

So one of the local news people posted on their Facebook page about a homeless guy who said the above phrase to her when she went into the convenience store. She also shared a picture of the man who was basically laying up against a tree looking... well I guess that's subjective. To me he looked defeated.

The newscaster asked us to comment how we would have responded, either with words or actions, aloud or in our own heads.

So I am going to pose the same to you ladies, how would you have reacted?

    8Theresa Gould
    I wouldn't have bought him a beer, not my thing. Sadly I would have ignored him or hopefully I would have been feeling generous enough to grab him a sandwich and water or something.
      I don't think I would of gotten him a beer... Like Kim said most of them choose to be "homeless" if the man needed something to drink/ eat I would get them something worth buying. water or juice maybe even a coke would be better than beer when its only going to dehydrate u more when u have nothing else.
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