severe morning sickness remedies

The majority of pregnant women experience some type of morning sickness (70 – 80%).It is believed that severe nausea( hyperemesis gravidarum) is caused by a rise in hormone levels; however, the absolute cause is still unknown.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hyperemesis Gravidarum:

Severe nausea and vomiting
Food aversions
Weight loss of 5% or more of pre-pregnancy weight
Decrease in urination
Extreme fatigue
Low blood pressure

Treatments and remedies:
Intravenous fluids (IV) – to restore hydration, electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients
Medications – metoclopramide, antihistamines, and antireflux medications
Bed Rest
Homeopathic remedies are a non-toxic system of medicines. Do not try to self medicate with homeopathic methods; have a doctor prescribe the proper remedy and dose.
avoiding foods or smells that make you feel sick
avoiding drinks that are cold, tart (sharp) or sweet
distracting yourself as much as you can – often the nausea gets worse the more you think about it
wearing comfortable clothes without tight waistbands
Acupressure on the wrist may also be effective in reducing symptoms of nausea in pregnancy. Acupressure involves wearing a special band or bracelet on your forearm. Some researchers have suggested that putting pressure on certain parts of the body may cause the brain to release certain chemicals that help reduce nausea and vomiting.

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