You're the parent so it is totally up to you but...

I think its completely your choice as you are the parent, I started chores when my son was 4 (nothing big at all it was like an odd little job here or there) and now he is 6 and has more chores. My daughter however just turned 5 and you could give her the same exact list as my son and she would get hers done way before him. I think its a girl thing. They are total opposites in every way. (except look like SO much alike)

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    We have 2 bathrooms and so its our bathroom and then the kids bathroom, my son had to and now that hes older my 5 year old (she just turned 5) does these same jobs: Clean bathroom sink (all the toothpaste out of it and dry up water), pick up dirty laundry in their room and put it in the hamper, clean their own room completely spotless (usually this isn't much of a job as they keep it pretty clean), we started trying to teach them how to make their bed but are super easy on them on that one. They don't have to do all of these at once even though my daughter (5) does all of these perfect plus takes it upon herself to scrub the toilet with the toilet brush (even washes her hands after). My son had to have like one chore at a time. My daughter is a little mommy in the making and can do so much is incredible. So I guess it would vary depending on the individual child. Sorry that was so long.
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    totally new at this and not really sure what to say