Bifold Closet Door Locks?

Has anyone tried them, and had luck keeping their children out of the closet?
My son's closet doors are bifold, and the kids get into the closet all the time, tear apart clothes from hangers and make a huge mess. My 4 yr old son is Autistic, and doesn't understand that you can't do that, and that you can't climb on the closet shelves. I was thinking about getting the bifold door locks, but I'm wondering if they're worthwhile.

MariaRichland, Michigan
    As I was nursing Kaitlyn tonight, I was thinking about her bifold closet doors and wondering if they make locks for them. Have to make note if anyone has tried something that works.
      I typed "No Knobs" but I guess it didn't go through.
      I just need to find something that my Autistic son can't break, or "undo" easily. :) Thanks ladies!
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