My thesis is about parenting - Can you help me out?!

Hi fellow moms!

I am doing a research study for my Master's thesis, examining the resources that parents/guardians use to support sex education with their children (topics like puberty, reproduction, dating, and sexual behaviors).

Would you contribute to my study by completing this survey?
It is completely anonymous and takes less than 10 minutes!

I welcome input from ALL parents -- please feel free to share with any parents of kids any age!!

Thank you!!

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    Hi Kim!
    I'm doing a Master's in Education, with an emphasis on Community Health Education. I have an undergraduate degree in Health Education and have worked in various public health fields over the past 12 years, but being a mom kind of affected my viewpoint. And it made me very curious about how others parent. I know everyone has similar trials with their kids - what makes it easier/harder better/worse? So... that's a long answer to your question, sorry :)
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      It's brutal, exciting, exhausting, and fabulous all at the same time -- kinda like birth and parenting LOL! But I love when my daughter tells people "my mom works at college all day and then goes to another one to be a student like me. I'm going to be just like her and be a doctor, but not a medicine doctor. A dinosaur doctor." (She wants to be a paleontologist - as of today). Out of the mouths of babes!
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