June I will have two of my kids birthday, My Phoenix Rose will be 7years old and my little Michael will be 5years old, but with all that joy will be the tears I shed every year for Michaels twin who lefts us before he could even breath his first breath. My baby JADEN. He also would have been turning 5 this june. It hurts so bad to know I never even got to hold him or see his little face. Although he is and will forever be in my heart it will be a hard day for me. Iam trying to think of a way to celebrate him also. Iam thinking of taking a balloon and writing his name and letting it go free.

4Milagro RiveraMilwaukee, Wisconsin
    Amanda Muir
    Big hugs June. I can imagine how difficult that would be. It's a happy and sad day at the same time. Take your moments to think of him on that day and celebrate him for sure. I think it could be a lovely family tradition that may provide some good healing.
      4Milagro Rivera
      Thanks ladies, I think it will be a great tradition especially for Michael.
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