Sleeping alone..

How long did it take your LO to sleep alone? My daughter still has to sleep in our bed or in our room in order for her to sleep through the night. Don't get me wrong, I love all the snuggles, but I'd like to sleep alone and thru the night. Advice welcome! :)

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      I had trouble with my daughter staying in her own bed at that age too. She was never a co-sleeping baby and was good at sleeping in her toddler bed until we moved. Then all of a sudden, she wouldn't sleep thru the night without coming to ask if she could sleep with me. I let her fall asleep in my bed and then moved her back to hers for a few nights and then I got tired of that routine and just took her back to her bed right away. It took a couple weeks, but she eventually got back on her old schedule. It's pretty tiring to have to fully get up out of bed, but I definitely think if I had kept letting her fall asleep with me she never would've made that transition.
        I'm not much help there my almost 9yr old still crawls n bed with us sometimes so I'm open to ideas also
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