Anniversary cruise to the bahamas

I wanted to share something happy. His past weekend my husband and I celebrated our first year of marriage by a Bahamas cruise getaway! It was wonderful and We needed it. We drank, danced, partied, as relaxed.

Anniversary cruise to the bahamas
    Aw thanks, yes it was wonderful. We went on Norwegian. It took us to their private island, stir up cay, then Nassau. We had so much fun. We bought the all u can drink package, also most food is all inclusive $169 a piece, not including taxes. The buffets weren't so great. Breakfast buffets was my favorite. In Nassau, We rented a scooter and drink kaliks and ate conch salad! Yum
      I would, I would like to I a little longer to enjoy the events as well :) but I loved it. Everyone's enjoying life and smiling and relaxing and havin fun. I would do 2 days partying/drinking. 2 days relaxing, 2 days enjoying events and exploring. Since we were just parting and eating, we lost track of time and didn't partake in any events. Also I thought there would be seafood everywhere, there wasn't. So if probably do a bigger cruise. All in all, great time.
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