Get pregnant right before period... possible?

If you have sex, there's a chance you could get pregnant. Even if you know when you normally ovulate every month, stress, diet changes, a lot of things can make your hormones fluctuate and change your ovulation.

Plus, sperm can live inside the body for a few days.

It's a myth that every woman's cycle is 28 days and ovulate on day 14. That's just an average.

Some women have 21 day cycles... Some have 60 days. And even out of those, they don't always ovulate in the exact middle.

It all depends on your body and hormones. Some women have short luteal phases, others long. The only way to determine your cycles are by listening to your body and perhaps testing

You can buy ovulation predictor kits at Walmart, drug stores, the dollar store... Lots of places. You can even get the test strips online in bulk for really cheap. They are a urine test similar to a pregnancy test.

You could also chart your basal body temperature by using an accurate basal body thermometer every morning which you can also buy at the places listed above.

There are lots of resources to teach you how to track and chart and learn other ways to k ow when you're ovulating. You can search signs of ovulation in the search bar at the top right and find out more. We actually have a whole section about ovulation and basal body temperature in the planning section here on

Anyway, some women ovulate late in their cycles or have short ones to begin with. Or a lifestyle change might make you ovulate late just a single month.

Then, when the sperm fertilizes that egg and implants- you're pregnant right before your period.

Has this happened to any of you?

Also, if you don't mind my asking... How long is your cycle and when in it do you ovulate?

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    Melissa Middleton
    My cycle is 28 days. Sometimes I can be a day or two late or early. So, last year when I was a week late, I knew something wasn't right (we were using protection).
    When they estimated the moment of conception, I had just gotten off my period. It seems I begin to ovulate a few days to a week after my period.
      3Lin White
      My cycle is any where from 28 days to 32 days I use the ovulatin stripes to detect when I am ovulating good
        28 day cycle and I ovulate between 12-14 days. I used an ovulation test predictor and it was very strong on the 14th day.

        I also read on about having sex on the even numbered days, so every couple days have sex and on the days you don't let your partner have a chance to recuperate his sperm reservoir.

        Side note --- I also did a couple Novenas. They are Catholic prayers. That same month I got pregnant (if we go with the 8/2 due date). Either way, I got pregnant by the following month.
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