Any advice for transitioning my 10 month old from sleeping with me to sleeping in his crib. I don't believe in any form of CIO.

    Ooo.. a big step! Have you tried his crib at all?

    I would suggest helping him get sleepY, not sleepING.. and gently lay him in his crib.. does he take a paci? If so, let that help soothe him while he lays in the crib.. if you don't want to do CIO at all.. then I would simply return each time he fusses a bit until he falls asleep.. you could also try shorter bits of time and place him in there at nap time!
      Just curious. You don't believe in it or you think it's mean? Or you think you couldn't get through it?
      For the record, just curious.. I never had to but one time I was at a loss and did the CIO w my son. One night. A little cry the next and it was done and he slept like a rock.
      Just that one time though. I was at my end.
      But it sucks because you end up having to sleep train your kids over and over again for different reasons throughout their lives. From a sickness to fears to moving to growth spurts. So many things effect their sleep throughout their years.
      I rocked them, placed them awake in the crib.. Then would go back in after they fussed a bit. But it was just as hard as the CIO method. And lasted weeks. Was awful. I waited too long too I think. They knew where the cozy spot was at 10 months.
      Google sleep training methods. So many to choose from.
      Moms will pipe in to give you their experiences. Good luck!
        He sleeps in his crib for his naps and when i first put him to bed for the night. But then he will wake up and not go back to sleep unless hes in bed with me. I work so it makes it a little difficult. Usually, I rock him to sleep and then lay him in his crib but a lot of the time when I lay him down he wakes right up. CIO is not for me I know it works for some people but not me.
          How did the transition go? Do you have any advice on how to do it?
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