"Private" differences.

The day my son noticed that I was different down there, ill never forget.

Target restroom. The handicapped stall. He's about 2 1/2... He's finished and standing next to my purse at the door as I'm hovering, and I stand straight to wipe and he yells, "eeeeewww mommy!!!! What is that? What's that?? What is that? Why is it furry??!!"

Them walks over to get a closer look. Like really close. Too close. Ugh. Lol

    Whoa. lol I first read the question and contemplated for a second, then I read your answer and whoa.. lmao!!

    I have thought about this and I'm not sure how I'll go about things. Me and Charlie take baths together because I love watching him splash around and well, he's too big for his baby tub now. We have a long ways to go before we get there. I'm sure in the beginning I'll just explain that girls and boys are different, then let dad handle it. haha
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