..common, but needs to be remedied!

So, this is totally common, for a newborn to have their days and nights mixed up.. but you can definitely begin to remedy this and get it sorted out.. here are some tips..

- make night DARK and day BRIGHT.. basically, decide when you want bedtime to kind of be... ie.. 7pm - 7am.. and once 7pm roll around, draw the shades, dim the lights down, talk quiet, etc.. make it bedtime always when you do those things so they get adjusted to those cues.. then when 7am comes or when they wake.. make it BRIGHT, draw the shades up, turn the TV on, etc.. get them used to daytime noises and movement!

- perhaps try to slowly keep them awake longer during the day.. when Monroe was TINY, we would at least keep him awake 30 minutes post feeding.. this really seemed to help!

- make sure you FILL THEM UP with milk before bedtime.. this can really help them stay full and sleep longer :)

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    Charlie only went through this for a short while. It just kind of worked itself out. We do not keep the house completely dark and quiet. Things get a little slower and dimmer and we don't go anywhere but that's about it. For us personally, we need Charlie to be okay with sleeping even though there's noise, or lights, or talking, etc. Mom has gotten a bit of heat from me about this because when he rubs his eyes she immediately shuts everything off in the house and sits in a dark room with him. That only makes him NOT sleep when we're at home.

    So, I think consistency is key. When he was backwards, we just kept going to bed at the same time. There were a few more nights that he would start out in our bed and end in the bassinet, but we pulled through.
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