What do I need for my C section?

Hi there,
I am having my first child on May 16th it will be a c section. My question is do I need to invest in a c section recovery kit? special belt and underwear? and If I do which brands are recommend? What should I pack in my hospital bag for c sections?

Any feed back would really help

Thank you


    2 words, and I'm pretty sure it applies for both c-sections and vaginal deliveries. When the nurses tell you to take a stool softener, DO IT.

    I way overpacked for my hospital stay. I didn't know it, but I would spend 5 whole days in the hospital and I still never used 90% of what I brought with me. With my c-section, They used staples and put these tape things over the incision that later fell off in the shower. There's nothing special you need. Before you leave the hospital, the nurses will tell you about at home care, ask lots of questions and if you have someone with you, have them take notes because you won't remember with everything else going on.

    There were times that the nurses would come in and give me a long list of instructions about things. I would nod and smile and the would leave and I would seriously be like..huh? lol I was so enamored with Charlie that I didn't pay attention to anything else :)
      Thank you ladies for all your feedback its very helpful...now to decide who will be in the surgery room with me my mom or sister wonder if I can have both of them there :)
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