My son is driving me insane

He won't sleep, I have to physically put him to sleep. Even co sleeping! Wakes up crying and I nurse him and if I take my breast out, he cries and cries til I nurse him again or carry him, I'm at my wits end!!!!!!!!!!!! It's 556 in the am.

    Teething, barometric pressure changes.. allergies, growing pains, something you ate/he ate could be upsetting his stomach. Peppermint water, teething tablets, cold washrag are my go tos when they get like that.
      Oh no!! You poor thing!! I hope you were able to get some rest!!
      I bought those wedding mints, dissolved in warm water and put in a bottle. The peppermint soothes. My sister will make peppermint tea, shave some fresh garlic in and put in a bottle-homemade (and preservative free) gripe water.
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