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My 9 year old is in 8s and should be starting on size 1 shoes finally.. My 4 year old is in 5t clothes and 7 underwear and size 12 toddler shoes (I had no idea boys underwear skipped sizes so high until I had to find him underwear..). My 2 year old is in 3T (she has a recently discovered big butt-4T training pants barely fit), size 9 shoes... and my 2 1/2 mo is in 3-6 month clothes for the most part, but not getting chunky like the middle two, so maybe she is taking after me and staying somewhat small-which means I can baby wear for longer :D.

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    The crazy part is her 3T pants fit just fine OVER a cloth diaper so I figured 4T undies would give her plenty of grow room. Apparently not.
      The gap in sizes for boy's underwear makes me INSANE!!!!! Mason is about to turn 5, the 2T/3T is almost cutting off his circulation, and the 4T/5T is practically falling off him. I keep drying the 4T on super high heat hoping they will shrink... no great success yet :(
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