Birth experience differences

There wasn't too much difference between my first, second and third. They were all with epidurals, I did have some complications with my second but nothing major. My fourth was completely different. All natural water birth. Absolutely amazing, no tearing (which was a first for me) and I remember every second of it. Definitely doing a water birth again if we are blessed and hopefully at home the next time. I hate hospitals.

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    That is awesome that you had a water birth!! I am in awe of people that are able to give birth naturally!
      I was terrified about the pain, too. But I was more determined not to give in (partly because I saw the 5k price tag on the epidural shot and pump). The bath tub helped until the bleach smell got to me. But my favorite was being able to move around and eat. The nurses always chuckled because I was always snacking on something. But it kept my energy up. I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees, it helped a lot.
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