Reacting in a strange way.

A few weeks a go my husband and I went to go to bed for the night.But before we fell a sleep he said something that made me mad. I don't even remember what it was now. But because I was mad I couldn't sleep. So I got up at 11:00 at night and started cooking. I made french toast and strawberry jam. Then I put it a way in the fridge and went to sleep. Then it hit me. He made me mad and I made him french toast for the next morning. That is not normal is it?

    Hahahaha! I see what you're saying, but I think it is normal. I doubt you were consciously making it for him - more just getting your mind off of the argument by focusing on making some french toast. Lucky him that you put it in the fridge instead of just eating it yourself! ;)
      Amanda Muir
      I think that it probably couldn't have been anything too too terrible or you likely would remember what it was. lol. Just don't let him get used to the fact that ticking you off gets him treats or he'll do it on purpose ;)
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