So, I am new here, but I figured I would post and inquire with all of you lovely mommys out there about teething. My son Cj is 6 months and 5 days old; he is also my only child. He has been teething for a while now and other then using Gripe Water and a small amount of Infant Tylenol we haven't tried anything else. I heard about the teething tablets and was curious if those are worth giving a try, also the baby Oragel, is it really safe? I just need to find something that works well with babies who have slight fevers (nothing ever serious just a bit warmer then usual) and who have problems sleeping...Thanks for any input I appreciate it

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      I don't trust the tablets or orajel since they have both been recalled in the past. Hayden (and my other kids) just wear an amber necklace to help with the pain. If it gets REALLY bad, we use a tiny dab of Punkin Butt Teething Oil which is an all natural oil you rub on the gums.
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        Oh dear I don't mean to sound mean at all but my nurse that I spoke to said that the Orajel was fine but never before they nap because that product is a local anesthetic and if you put it on before a nap with it on it can stop their breathing. purely because they can swallow it and it can cause their air ways to numb up and they will stop breathing. I just wanted to say that not trying to be bossy or anything though.
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