What's your best life hack?

Husband and I were talking about things that have really changed our lives since adult hood - basically the best life hacks or tricks we have learned. Mine are:
1. putting tin foil in a bowl and pouring grease (bacon, meat, whatever) into the foil to harden before throwing it away. It makes it so I don't have to scrape the grease out of a bowl AND it doesn't go down the drain to cause issues there.
2. When sweeping, ditch the dustpan!! Sweep everything into a pile and then use the vacuum's handheld hose or a dustbuster to clean up the pile. It is faster, AND doesn't leave you with that tiny bit on the floor like you always end up with when using a dustpan.

Husbands were:
1. Water pick (he's obsessed and gets super mad when he has to go without his beloved water pick)
2. Eating Paleo

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    LOL.. I thought this was going to be something else.. Like, "be kind or everything happens for a reason".. I read "changed our lives since adult hood...." and then saw it's cleaning tricks and was relieved.. I didn't want to get too deep so early in the morning.. lol

    I got nothin.. Except don't use windex with a towel or paper towel.. use it with paper on a mirror or window and no streaking happens.. I LOVE tin foil.. I line almost everything.. just because I don't want to scrub a pan after..

    Man I suck at this..
    Wait WHAT?!?!? Jessica Garvin so you just wipe with a dry sheet of paper and there are no streaks?????
      i do all that too!

      My favorite recently is using rubber gloves (like the kind you use for doing dishes) to get pet hair off of furniture. All you have to do is rub in small, quick s trokes with your fingertips while wearing the gloves and it clumps all the hair into a little ball. There are usually a few small clumps left that I can't pick up with my fingers, but a little bit of tape picks them up in a second.
        I'm not sure it's necessarily a hack but..

        Since we live out in the country, we bring all of our trash to the local transfer station that goes to the dump. When you do this you really start to see how much people throw away so yep, we're dumpster divers! lol, it's not as bad as it sounds.. really! At first I saw my bf jump in there after some brand new 2x4's and I was like..um... wow, who is this guy!?! But the following week when I took some trash down, I saw a wood door in there that has made a beautiful craft table.

        I'm not recommending that anyone else go jumping into garbage (and, that's not what he does, btw). But just to be more mindful of the things you're throwing out.

        At home, I have my normal trash can but I also have a separate one for anything that can go into compost. Like eggshells, coffee, any odds and ends that I cut off of veggies and fruits. It all goes into the pile out back for compost for the garden. If you don't do that for yourself, ask your local farms or greenhouses if they could use it. It saves them money, which in turn can save you money too! :)
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