Sleep Schedule for Two Month Old

You can't really schedule a two month old. We just kind of let her dictate her routine at that age. We let her sleep when she wanted to sleep. We did try and keep our morning and bedtime routine the same to establish daytime and night time but for the most part we let her lead the way, and we fell into a natural routine.

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    We've let our kids develop their own routine as well. Works well for us!
      Same here! From day one, Charlie has had this weird burst of energy around 10pm (he gets it from me, I just know it!). For a while he would wake up at 3:30am like clockwork. Now, at 4.5 months we all go to sleep around 11pm and he sleeps right on through until 6am. Now it's not so much going to bed at a different time that messes up a routine as it is changing the daily stuff. Like if we're out of town, or if someone visits and he doesn't get his usually naps in, that will disrupt the evening for sure.
        Melissa Middleton
        I agree, you cannot force them to sleep when they do not want to. My son did 5 hrs at night, bottle, and then slept another 4-5 hrs. at two months old.
        He now does 8.5 and he is almost 4 months old.
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