Should Moms Keep their Pregnancies offline?

What do you think here? I tend to agree with this, I didn't really share much of my pregnancy at all on social media. No sonogram pics or even belly pics other than pictures of my husband and I during that time. We did announce that we were going to be having a baby and that we were having a girl in a status but other than that I kept most of the details off the net.

I feel like there are some serious pregnancy over sharers out there on social media. Even as a mother myself I don't want to read about someones labor play by play on my newsfeed.

What do you think? How much did you share on social media of your pregnancy? Are you one of those TMI people?

    As soon as all of my family was already notified, I did post on facebook. Every week I would say "Happy 20th week eggplant!" or something like that to reflect how big the baby was during that week. A lot of my friends loved it and couldn't wait to find out what he would be next week.

    Last week while working on Charlie's scrapbook I went back and found every happy whatever week status, printed it and put it on one of the pages. Looking back at those things is amazing to me. To re-read all of those aches and pains and "I don't know if I can do this" posts.. and also all of the supportive people in my life that reminded me that I could.

    I can understand this gal though.. I can't type ANYTHING without getting some sort of deal for it, but I've learned to tune them out.
      I think there is a general TMI happening that is exhausting.. lol.. I love a pregnant lady and story and I love ANY personal story.. but it's the constant daily play by play where I almost feel badly for the person sharing.. the person that's constantly posting pictures of their food or their makeup job or the decor of their new tv room..

      But that's just me.. I think everyone needs to remember that once you post something on the internet.. it's there... forever... lol..

      BUT.. I love new baby pics... yes, sometimes it's a lot.. and it's the same shot of the newborn that is sleeping.. but I just scroll on through.
        We kept my pregnancy offline for most of it. The people we wanted to know, we told them face to face. We only posted about it, when it came time for me to deliver. Heck, that was the most I have ever seen my fiance post on facebook in years, lol.
          I did our ultrasound to announce the pregnancy, when we found out we were having a girl, and then new baby pics. I might have done one of her nursery... Maybe not, I can't remember now. Oh I did do one belly shot at 6 months. I was finally showing and I was proud :P

          I didn't want to bore people with it. I still posted pictures of me and my husband and you could tell I was prego , but that wasn't a focus.
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