Have you ever Google Imaged yourself??? Warning... Your kids may show up...

I drove my sons friend home yesterday.. he was playing on his iPad and was just messing around and googled us... none of them came up.. but then he googled me.. I knew that my articles or other things might show up, but he did the images.. OMG...

Never thought of this.. but my name in google images.. had ALL of any pictures I was tagged in.. posted.. shared.. linked to my articles or stand-up or anything.. ALSO.. My KIDS!!! My kids were there.. not many.. just a couple cause I don't post a lot with them.. but they were there..

SO.... I went back into everything that I had posted.. and removed any tags with my name to it.. on any pictures.. that's how it is pulled up.. your kids are tagged to you..

I got rid of most of them.. there weren't that many.. but curious.. my friend who is that mom that posts NON STOP pictures and food and sports oh my.. I googled her and her kids were everywhere.. in swim suits and in front of her home..

Just a thought..

    That is why places like my Facebook don't have my real name...even on here Amy is my nickname that my family has called me for years. So you would have to know that to find me. And NOTHING has my real last name.
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