Feeling like a terrible mom...

Last night my husband made rice to go with our dinner. It was the last thing to make it to the table and it was piping hot. I didn't even think about it and I started dishing it up for everyone. I put some in Avery's bowl and she immediately went to grab some (it's one of her favorites). She let out this horrible scream that I'd never heard before. I didn't even really undestand what was happening until I realized she was holding the hot rice. I picked her up and ran her hand under cold water right away but she just kept screaming.

I held her for what felt like an hour while she screamed and cried so hard she was out of breath. Finally she calmed down enough to nurse a bit and fell asleep in my arms. Hearing her cry like that brought me to tears. I felt AWFUL! I knew that rice was hot, we just took it out of the pot! I shouldn't have given her any until it cooled :(

Last night her pointer finger grew a big blister. It looks terrible and painful but doesn't seem to bother her too much today. I've kept a band-aid on it so she doesn't accidentally pop it, but I don't think there is much else I can do...

Ugh, I know I'll always check how hot her food is before giving it to her from now on :(

    Aw mama! There's no way things like this haven't happened to every mom out there! Right now Charlie is getting a little more curious about what's in daddy's plate. The other day, daddy was eating lunch with Charlie on his lap and Charlie reached right in to a bunch of hot sauce. We washed him up with a ton of soap but I was worried the rest of the day when he went to chew on his hand.

    It's a learning process hon, hugs!
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