Mamas.. How do YOU teach your kiddos manners? Are you strict about them from the start... are you a more relaxed parent? Is it important to you? What are some of your tricks? the barre studio this past week it was amazing to see parents who brought their kiddos along (childcare during class) and how kids the exact same age can act so differently.. some are polite and respectful and some are... awful, ha! Seriously.

Mamas.. weigh in! ​

    my secret is to be a role model for your kids. I am very strict about manners. I really want my child to be courteous, so I simply put a bit more energy into that effort. My son knows that that I expect him to act in a civil, respectful, and courteous manner. I always support my son's courtesy attempts by letting him know they are appreciated, like " wow, nice manners, Mark!" "listening without interrupting was polite", or "thanks for holding the door for me"
      My husband and I joke that if our child ever has a single meltdown in public, he's spending a week on the big truck with Grandpa! I was raised on it, in truck stops, restaurants... And all of us kids were well behaved and had manners. I think by exposing children to public settings often and implementing early understanding of appropriate public behavior we will be successful in teaching good manners. As well as working out a compliment system rather than a reward system (like a candy bar at the end of a shopping trip).
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        Repetition. As baby and toddlers we will say, "Thank you mama" after we give them something. Or if they are reaching for something, "May I please have...." It enables them to hear and learn what is expected before they even speak.

        Do-overs. If they do not show manners, they have to do it over until they do it with the right tone and body language.

        Play acting. We show them by acting out the way we want them to act by using a couple of siblings or my husband and I. We haven't done this one in a while but the older kids always enjoyed it when we did.

        And I agree with what already has been said.
          Yes, I am big on manners. I am relaxed but, I believe in saying please & thank you at all times. Look at people when they are speaking. It's rude not to. I think most are too relaxed today. Teach children how to behave at a young age and they will always be that way and grow up to be polite and charming. :)
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