Baby seems tired of nursing

Avery is almost 11 months and already seems like she could care less about nursing. The good part is she shouldn't be too hard to wean eventually, but I'm worried that I should be pushing nursing more.

She doesn't really like to drink water or anything else. She'll take sips but nothing substantial. Nursing is her only source of hydration. I nurse about 5 times a day right now and only for about 15min total each time. She squirms and pulls off and then refuses to go back on. I know I'm producing because I've been pumping pretty much normally. I worry that my supply will drop if she keeps refusing, though.

Isn't 10-11mo too early to be self weaning? Should I drop to 4 nursings and hope that she'll cooperate more if we do it less often?

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      Have you tried putting expressed BM in sippy cup?
        Babies do be come much more easily distracted at this age. We went through it too, and I thought the same thing, "Maybe she wants to stop?" It was a stage for us. I think if you're not ready to wean just yet, you should keep at it:…
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