Is rocking baby to sleep effective?

All babies are different, and it goes without saying that what works for some will not work for others. The more time you spend with your baby, the more you'll pick up on what works and what doesn't. Charlie is now at a stage (4.5 months) where he gets really fussy when he's tired. I'm with him every day so I know the signs. Rubbing eyes, not hungry, dry diaper, he's just plain fussy. What works for us is swaddling him, sitting in the glider until he's not upset anymore and falls asleep. Whichever way works for you, there is no substitution that mama & baby time, so spend as much as you can and have fun learning :)

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      Rocking worked for us... but when they were really small ... my hubby used to swing them in their infant carrier and that worked wonders!
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