Next Baby

So Names have been picked out and they are the names we are sticking to.
boy: Jaxx Michael
girl: Charlee Ann

I want Seth, my mom, an his mom in the room. I am going to get the epidural again. I will not have any pain killers or anything after. I am going to breast feed. With all of that said, I know things can go different, these are just our blue prints, if I can't breastfeed than I will formula, If I have to get a c section it will just be Seth. I want Kai to stay with her grandpa. She's most comfortable with him and her gramma. If we have a girl, she will wear the same outfit I had Kai in. Not her going home outfit, just a long sleeve and little pants. I like to have things planned out so we know ahead of time.

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      8Theresa Gould
      What great names!
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