My baby is crying for no reason: what to do

I'm a firm believer that "no reason" does not exist. Young babies have a reason. The more time you spend with your baby, the better list you will have to determine what these cries mean. Babies cannot manipulate. Babies cannot "fake" cry. Crying is the only form of communication they have right now. It could be a wet/dirty diaper, they could be hungry, they could have some gas issues, or it could be something you can't see at all like reflux. At 4.5 months, when my list has been exhausted and Charlie is still fussing, I know that he is tired. He gets swaddled up in a blanket and rocked until he's asleep. There are times your baby may just want to be held, he could be under or overstimulated. Rest assured, there is a reason. If you have gone down your list and crying is still a problem, a visit to your pediatrician may be in order for those things that even mommies can't see :)

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