Oh.. You WILL get BIG!

Okay.. so obviously a lot of you know I am getting farther along in my pregnancy... 6 1/2 months.. woo! I went into the office where I help working for a doctor.. and a few gals commented on my bump! I never mind really.. it is there, it is what it is ;) I am rather tiny and still am not HUGE my any means.. but one gal, almost as if she hoped I will get big.. said Oh... just you wait, you WILL get big! Umm I know this! I mean.. in my head I know it will get worse (bigger) before better (bump good bye).

My question is.. why do some gals feel the need to remind preggos of things to DREAD to come? I would never do this.. it's going to happen.. we KNOW it.. why remind and make it worse? This also involves labor and delivery stories.. I don't get it really. Why some ladies feel the need to pull stories from the horror vaults.. I understand you have to be realistic.. but come on.. let's build each other up! ​

    My mom did the same thing. "If that's what you look like at 20 weeks, you're going to be HUGE!!" Wow, thanks mom. I'm a larger girl, so my belly kinda just looked fat for a while. It's finally starting to turn into a "baby bump"!! I'm very proud of my belly and comfortable in my own skin, even before. I love being pregnant and if I have insecurities or worries, I will face them when I get there, and I don't need anyone's help.
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      I've never really understood people's comments, but I'm sure most of them just don't think before they speak. Hugs!
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          Meg, it's just because you really look awesome now)). It's banal envy, people are weak, dont think about it too much).
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