How to make baby sleep longer at night? We tried bedsharing.

I'm not saying it is for everyone, and I'm not attacking anyone who doesn't bedshare, but for us, bedsharing was the difference.

We started bedsharing at four months with my daughter. Before that, we tried a bedside cosleeper and we tried her crib in her room. In the first month, she slept on either my or my husband's chests, and we felt like we were horrible parents because of it. We tried as hard as we could to not put our baby in our bed because of all of the "what-ifs"--they were really scary, and we wanted to do what was best. We eventually got to the point where my baby was sleeping about four hours straight in her crib, and that wasn't too bad. I was still very tired at work, but I was surviving. Then she started teething around four months. I would get up to nurse her in the middle of the night, put her back in her crib, and she would wake up immediately. I ended up spending a lot of time in our rocking chair, and I'd fall asleep a lot. It was the night when I fell asleep and almost dropped the baby that I realized that we just couldn't do it this way anymore. So I brought her into our bed, and she slept between me and my husband. And we all slept.

The next night, I tried to put her back in her crib, and she woke up again, and my husband said, "Just bring her to bed." And we've gone like that ever since. I nurse, and nursing in bed is as easy as rolling over and rolling onto my back when done. We all sleep better because my daughter simply does not cry in the night. I sense she wants to nurse, I let her, and often, I dose through it. It has been the best way for me and my daughter to sleep soundly and comfortably.

We are still cosleeping, and we will probably continue to do so until my daughter is ready to sleep on her own.

Again, I realize this isn't the answer for everyone, but it was the answer for my daughter, and once we stopped fighting against what felt natural for us, our lives got much easier.

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    Amanda Muir
    Co sleeping is very effective and safe if done properly. I'm glad it worked for you!
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