Looking for a nanny: where did you find yours?

My husband and I found ours through the Care.com website. We found providers in our area, and also found the going rate for nannies. We posted an advertisement, then interviewed the candidates we liked best, and hired from there. I think we spoke to four people in person.

Care.com does charge a montly fee, but we were able to find this person in two months, so the fee wasn't too bad.

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    She visits with her daughter for two eight-hour days a week.
    I let my husband have the final call, as he was going to be home with her full time. We needed someone there to let my husband work in his office in our home, but he would also be home and around full-time, if needed in an emergency. He liked that the caregiver we chose had early-childhood training and that she had a daughter for Maddie to befriend. We both liked candidates that had experience with young children, attachment parenting, and had early childhood training certification.
      We never had a nanny. But I have heard many good things about care.com.I am glad to hear you too had a positive experience. You could also find a nanny by word of mouth!
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