Did sleeping on your side when pregnant bother you?

I have wide hips anyway, but I carry a lot of hormone so they have widened even more very quickly. Sleeping on my side really hurts after a few hours, then I will switch sides, and sometimes I will wake up on my back comfortable and debating if it's really worth the ache, pain, and stiffness to roll over. I feel like it has really affected my back and spine. I feel so inflexible. Anyone else feel this way or experience this?​

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    I did. It hurts. I would just change positions as often as needed. Having a "leg" pillow really helped as I could rest my belly on it too, thus relieving some of the weight on my hip and side. Are you using a body or pregnancy pillow at all? Do you go to the chiropractor? I don't and haven't but my husband does. I've heard it can really help pregnant mamas, especially chiropractors specializing in pregnancy.
    8Theresa Gould
    All I've used for a pillow is a normal bed pillow, a $10 body pillow and now I use one of those pillows with the arms. So use whatever you have on hand, like a comforter balled up.

    Hope you can find some relief. Sounds like there are mamas struggling to sleep this week. I just responded to Meg's post too.
      I had a lot more problems sleeping with my second pregnancy. I had a small blanket that I would snuggle with because I didn't figure my hubby would appreciate me snuggling with a stuffed animal. That helped with the shoulders.

      I had pillows galore which helped the neck and shoulders. Hubby hated that because I would get up and leave the pillows than he would wake up later with a stiff neck and shoulders from all of the pillows on the bed.

      I had a tendency to end up with my big blanket wrapped around one leg or the other and be snuggling with it by morning along with the small blanket. That helped the hips a tiny bit but not a lot and I still couldn't roll over without sitting up a bit and I would have to pick my butt up and slide it to whichever side than move my legs and the upper part of my body. It was an ordeal to try to roll over even just from my side to my back let alone from one side to the other. I was so stiff in the morning that I could barely walk at work the first two hours in the morning.

      There were a handful of times that I would make a nest of pillows to go to sleep and wake up in the morning after tossing and turning all night with just one pillow and be laying on my back tangled in my big blanket and his big blanket with my small blanket covering my shoulders. I was surprisingly comfortable considering I couldn't breath at all laying on my back when I laid down at the end of the night. It was just one of those odd things.
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