Teething and biting during breastfeeding

My daughter had two spells of biting me while nursing. The first happened around eight months, and I swear, it seemed like it would never end. The second one happened around a year, and was just as long. In reality, they probably didn't last longer than a month apiece, and she stopped doing it after her teeth stopped bothering her.

I tried to teach her not to bite me, but it never really worked. She would still bite at the end of nursing or when she thought I should be paying attention (at least it felt that way). At times, it even made me angry--it hurt! But I swallowed my frustration and kept nursing. I'm glad I did, though, because once her teeth stopped bothering her, she stopped bothering me, and we continue to nurse with ease. :)

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    !Yes, I remember those times when my little one would take a nip, then give me that little baby sinister wide mouth smile, I always let babe know that biting was not ok! I knew that they could be teething, but it was just something about that little sinister smile that even as I think about it now I believe he knew what was up, HE WAS HURTING ME!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!
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