Banning books in your home?

I know different people have different hills to die on when parenting. Are there any books that you will not allow your children to read while they live at home?

When I was maybe nine I was reading "Mommy Dearest" and my step dad took the book from me. Made me pretty mad, to be honest. I found it and stole it back from him, lol. As a kid I thought it was stupid that he took it.

Because of that experience I won't take books from my kids unless the content was pornographic or illegal. What are your thoughts?

    8Theresa Gould
    I wouldn't want our children reading Twilight or anything overtly sexual as that just puts more thoughts into their heads. Nor would we allow pornography or anything illegal.

    We waited quite awhile before we let them read Harry Potter and they absolutely love them!
      My two oldest children used to always read those graphic novels, at first I thought that they were mere comic books until I took a really good look at one of them which was about the holocaust I was mortified at all the detail, I guess that I was just a bit embarrassed that they had so many questions about the subject that I did not have any answers for, I have not banned their reading any books as of yet however I make myself more aware of the material that they read; and I open up discussion about their topics, it is so amazing what out children know, "they have definitely been raised up for such a time as this" like it or not!
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