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So my little man is 6 months (corrected age 4 months) he is teething and hes been having normal symptoms of teething and now today he had just woken up so I brought him over to our bed like we do every morning fed him his normal bottle and about 30 mins. later he threw everything up and it was like a forceful vomit and he began choking and so we did what your supposed to. Well now he is running a 95.5 temp underarm and his sweating like crazy. Earlier around 12ish he was at 97.2! What should I do?

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    That isn't a high temperature. Does he have any other symptoms? Is he over dressed for the house temperature or weather outside? Is he on solids, did he try something new? Maybe he drank too much at once? Just guessing here.

    Did you call your pediatrician to ask them about the vomiting?
      We went through the same thing. The temperature is not that that hi. Normal is supposed to be at 98.6. If the temperature goes over 99.9 then there is need to worry. But until then, just realize that he is uncomfortable and hurting, and it causes him to make himself sick. We put Hunter in a luke warm bath and it seemed to calm him down and also bring his temperature to normal. Maybe also try giving him some water if possible. Also try giving him some cold teething toys or even a cold wet wash cloth that was in the freezer for him to suck on for his gums.

      But just try to stay calm and just keep him happy as much as possible. It will pass soon! :)
        Sounds like his system could be a little off! You may want to let his Ped know what's going on, don't feel silly about those things you know your child follow your instincts and do your best!
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