I think my baby's bored!

We're between 18 months and 2 years--too old for baby toys, but too young to pretend much, and we can't read books all day! Does anyone have any suggestions for toys or activities for this age?

I think I may check into these. We have Duplo Legos and Megablocks, but nothing quite so tumbly as a straight-up block.
    8Theresa Gould
    Have you given her sidewalk chalk yet? What about bubbles? What about playing in the sink with bubbles?
      My advice is to allow your little one to Explore! Explore! Explore, under your careful watch, usually by this time these big babies are full of curiosity and they will let you know what their interest are, if he is speaking well encourage him to ask questions, keeping answers simple, fun, yet not therapeutic, and you can always default to teaching him some life skills show him how to sort laundry, and maybe help you drop in a load or two and remember to watch! watch! watch!
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