Birth control and period question

So I had a question! I've been on birth control since I got released from the doctor after having the baby. I had him on the 27th of October last year so my 6 week appt was like the 2nd week of December. Well I stopped the birth control to have my week long period or whatever as of 2 weeks this coming Sunday and I haven't had it yet! And there is NO WAY I'm pregnant again we use double protection! Should I talk to my doctor?!

    8Theresa Gould
    I knew a gal and her husband who were using THREE forms of birth control and still got pregnant so I wouldn't rule it out completely even if you are sure.
      Amanda Muir
      I assume you had a period before you started the BC? Is it possible that you still aren't cycling after baby? Are you breastfeeding?
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