my Husband is asking

can you drink alcohol when taking antibiotic eye drops??

Rebecca VanEckHinesville, Georgia
    8Theresa Gould
    Does it say anything on the drop bottle? I think it's safe to assume it wouldn't be a good idea. You can always check with your/his doctor too to be sure.
    Rebecca VanEck
    No it does not say anything.
      Amanda Muir
      Yes it's fine :) The drop is going right into the affected area and not getting into the blood stream like when you are taking an oral antibiotic.
        Yes... It's treating a topical issue.. not going into his body to combat a germ.. the issue with drinking and antibiotics is that alcohol can effect the medicine and keep it from working.. and you want it to work..

        I'm no Doctor, but I'm willing to bet that it's fine to partake in a drink while using antibiotic eye drops..
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