Time management techniques for moms

I like to use lists. I use to use a timer and could probably benefit from using one again especially since there are areas of my blog that need work and I rarely get to them.

I like calendars and planners (I am working on using a planner more for my blogging work).

I think having a routine helps, not only you but your children and family in general.

We never use to watch TV and slowly started to watch it as streaming became more popular. I want to wean myself off of TV (though it is such a cheap form of entertainment!), especially this summer because we'll be so busy.

Just off the top of my head...

What techniques do you have to share?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    I don't really watch tv...haven't in about 4 years. I do however watch 2 of my favorite shows off the internet. My kids have tv time but they don't spend most of the time watching. They have favorite shows but not as interested in it as they used to be. I do tend to use my calender as well on my ipod and will put a reminder for important things, especially when it has to do with the kids.
      Lists for sure and a time frame to complete the project / activity / task. If the activity or task is overwhelming with many steps, break down the steps into manageable tasks. Sometimes one needs to feel accomplished and you do this by having a clear start and end time to whatever you're doing, especially with big projects. Be sure to reward yourself with something fun (not food) so you can keep the momentum of crossing off the things on your to do lists.
        I like to do no tv weekends. We play board games in the evening when all of the errands and chores are done. I limit video game time also. 15 min on a weekday after homework and chores and 1 hour on the weekend. If they have a friend over I may allow an extra hour. I like to make lists. I have never completed a list but I feel good if I am able to mark off half of the items. I also use timers for chores. It keeps everyone working hard. I never have it longer than 15 minutes.
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