Don't encurage

I spent a great deal of time watching other people interact with there kids before I had my daughter to try and get an idea of what works and dosn't. I found there is no one good trick as each kid is different. With my god daughter I would just copy her till she stopped, which annoyed her. She stopped throwing tantrums around me because she knew I would give in to her to make her stop. With my daughter I simply ask her if she is done with that, and if not I tell her to take it some where else. She usually walks away, sees a toyear, then stops secondso later. When she is calm I ask her what the problem is and we work it out. I do my best to stay calm and not laugh at her, even if it is really cute.

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    Observation is great! There are so many different tactics we can learn from experience! These are great ideas!
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