Is puppy preschool worth it?

Anything you can do to offer your pup the opportunity to thrive in your household will not only benefit the pup, but your entire household. A lot of families want that bond with a family dog but don't have the time to train a puppy. While it is exhausting, it is worth it. The more time you spend with your pup (just like your baby), the more the pup will bond with you, respect you and adhere to your rules (hey, just like your baby *smile*. But for families that just don't have the time, I say YES, puppy preschool is worth it. There are a large number, too large, of dogs that end up in shelters because families think they have the time, and don't.

Remember that a tired dog is a happy dog and something as simple as a night time walk can be the best form of bonding and training that exists. It's also a good activity for you to do as a family as well.

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